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I have a Vu+ Duo which records tv programs as ts files.

I am trying to find some software that will remove the adverts (preferably automatically but manual is ok) and then allow me to save the file without any re-encoding.

Can anyone recommend any software that will do this quickly and easily? I don't mind paying for the software if it will do the job.

The closest match I have found so far is VideoRedo but unfortunately this seems to reencode the video and I couldnt open one video I edited with Media Player classic after editing but before it worked fine.

I have also tried AVS Video Remaker which boldly claims to do this but when you use it and try to save the file, it asks you to choose the video and audio type from a restricted list which doesn't include TS files.

I have also tried the free ones below which have all been absolute rubbish. Most won't even open the file let alone allow me to edit it.


MPEG Streamclip

Video cutter

ts cutter


TS Sniper

Virtual Dub
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