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As stated in another thread, I have a room in the basement that is 19' long, 13' wide, and 7-1/2' high. I don't have the money to build a theater for a few years. In the meantime, I want to set up my equipment and start watching movies in the unfinished room. The question is: Would it sound better with the partial sheetrock walls left in place, or would it sound better if the sheetrock was removed, down the bare studs and concrete walls? In other words, will the studs on the concrete walls break up the sound waves and minimize reflections better than the partial sheetrock walls?

I am also wondering if I should put some fiberglass insulation batting between the studs over the concrete. Note: The screen will be at the “semi-finished” (window) end of the room.


P.S. My private email is upacreekk at earthlink dot net


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