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Remove "System Options" from Activities screen on Harmony 880?

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I have an 880 remote that used to have just four activities on the main screen in nice big bold letters. For some reason during my last update it has added the system options to the activities which has shrunk the other activities on the display. How do I remove this option?
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System Options is always part of the activities. You can't remove it.

Are you sure you didn't change the theme?
I've never had it there since day 1. Made a few changes and now it's there. Ugh. Did not change theme.
I'm with Babaganoosh, your theme somehow got changed to show 8 activities on a screen. Just go into Remote Preferences, then Select A Theme, and choose Harmony Large Print. If that doesn't fix your problem let us know.
Ok. You guys may be on to something there. I called tech support which was horrible. Basically a lady with limited English who put me on hold, asked someone else my question, then returned and relayed the message and repeated back on hold, etc...

I connected a 676 remote and moved stuff to it. Then I connected my 880, made a few changes and updated. This may have messed something up.As long as there is a large print option then I should be fine. I am at work now and will test later.
Yes hooking up a different remote while logged in as the same user could definitely cause problems like this.

Logitech wants you to have seperate user names for each remote. I personally wish they would just allow you to store multiple remotes under the same user name though. Seems like that would make it easier if you wanted to have more than one remote work in the same room etc.
The large font did the trick. Thanks!!

I did create a new account, but the first time connecting the 676 I wanted to move all the items I had over and then edit them. Doesn't make alot of sense.
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