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Hi Gang:

Cable service from Time Warner recently became available in my neighborhood. I signed up for digital cable with the high def DVR. Everything has been working well but I've found one thing that's annoying.

With the onscreen guide, there are tons of premium movie channels, channels I don't get, and channels I would never watch (like jewelry and shopping channels), that I would rather just turn off and never see them in the onscreen Time Warner guide. That would make surfing thru the guide much easier and faster.

However, I can't find any way to do this on the TWC high dev DVR/tuner.

The closest thing I can find is the use of Favorites but that doesn't really show the guide. You can use the favorites to surf thru channels you select but no guide for Favorites only can be displayed as best as I can tell.

So, can the TWC onscreen guide really not have channels turned off or deleted? This seems like such a basic function that I can't believe its not there. Surely I'm wrong! DirecTV has this so its hard to believe that TWC wouldn't. If they don't, I wonder if its on their radar for the future.

I guess I could always get a TIVO and a cablecard from TWC for a better guide experience.

Any thoughts/comments on this feature from TWC? Maybe I'm just missing it!


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