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I've inserted a picture below of my home theater.Laugh if you want, but this was my first attempt at using SketchUp.

The room is 12.5' x 19.5' x 8' (2.8m x 5.9m x 2.4m).

The three wooden doors will be closed while the room is in use.

The screen is ceiling mounted and acoustically transparent. The center channel is behind the screen.

The window behind the screen is roughly 4' x 5' (1.2m x 1.5m) and 3' off the ground (0.9m). It's covered in thin blackout material.

The walls and ceiling are drywall. The floor is medium thickness carpet.

Behind the couch is a sub (subject to movement once I finish calibrating) and the equipment rack is in the back corner.

The couch is actually a row of four heavy reclining theater seats.

Right now I have bass absorbing foam running from floor to ceiling in the front corners. This was to combat some bass problems revealed by Pioneer's MCACC.

If I stand in my room anywhere and slap my hands, there is a very strong echo. By walking around and clapping in different places, it appears as though the side walls are the cause.

I don't detect an echo off the front or back wall. Could this be due to the couch interfering with reflections?

The room will be used 95% for viewing movies and 5% for stereo and some SACD/DVDA listening.

I'd appreciate suggestions for reducing the echo or just general acoustic suggestions based on what you see in the picture.

Right now I'm leaning towards placing broadband absorbers on the side walls between the screen and couch. Is it worth treating the ceiling and front/back walls also, even though the echo doesn't seem to come from there?

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