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Removing logos from Digitalis Vision II HTPC case...?

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I just bought a Digitalis Vision II HTPC case, and it is stunning!! The only thing I don't like are the generic logos on the bottom right of the face ("digital cinema video" and "progressive video"). While professional-looking for sure, I would rather be rid of them (the progressive logo reminds me of insurance, not home theater ;) ).

Is there any *safe* way of removing these without ruining the black brushed aluminum finish?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...thanks!!
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Although I had the silver finish, I used the "goo gone" product you can buy at home depot.


Made of Citris. Make sure you wipe with water after removing the decals, or your room will smell like oranges :>
oh, wow, I already have some of that! and no ruin to the finish?
Where you have bought a Digitalis Vision II HTPC case?


I bought it used, off of videogon.com
I ordered one last week from Projection Systems and received it this week. It is truly awesome! I was surprised to find that they had two black ones left, which leaves one after I ordered. Give Eric Lang a call at Projection Systems. He may still have one left. Good luck!

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