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Remuxing 4k Atmos audio into 3D blu ray MKV file (and list of titles)

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I recently ripped and remuxed my 3D blu ray collection to get Atmos audio in 3D movies that did not come with it. I am now doing the same thing, but this time getting the Atmos Audio from the 4k discs and remuxing to the 3D MKV file.

My first try was with Pacific Rim. I used DVDFab to rip the 3D movie to a MKV file. I then used MakeMKV to rip the 4k UHD disk to MKV. I then used MKVToolNix to create a MKV with the audio from the 4k file and the Video from the 3D file. Maybe I did something wrong with my first go around. My 3D file was about 34gb and the 4k file 63gb. My finished remuxed file was 90gb+. I was not expecting such a large file. I am almost positive I did not choose the video file from the 4k file but maybe I did. I am running MVKToolNix again to see if I get the same large file.

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It's been a little while but it always worked for me. Although I never used a 3D movie before, just 4k audio into BD video because the studios are lame.
So I did something wrong the first time because this time my remuxed 3D file with atmos is about 36gb. I think I selected the chapters file from the 4k the first time. Not sure if that would make the file size so large.
List of 3D movies without atmos that have a 4k movie with atmos. Feel free to add suggestions. I will update as I go through my discs:

Pacific Rim
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