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I am doing a whole-house renovation (about 2500 sq foot house) and am trying to figure out what wiring to put in to accommodate what I think I want today and for a bit of future proofing. This is my one chance to do this - while the walls are open. I intend to have the work done by a professional, but I want to have a plan in mind.

I want whole house audio with 6 - 8 zones. I'm not sure how many different, simultaneous sources I want. It might just be that the two TV rooms can be either music or TV and all other zones are either on or off for the single source of music.

I guess that the wires from all the speakers terminate near the main entertainment center / wall unit in the family room? I've seen this HTD system. Seems like what I'm thinking of. Can anyone recommend it, or not? The little control panel in every room seems like what I want, as opposed to a single remote that will undoubtedly never be in the same room as me.

I also think that I'll have Cat5 going to every room for Ethernet. Should I run a separate Cat5 for some sort of audio control? I think the HTD system uses cat5 for control?

What about cat6? Is that more expensive? Is there any reason to do that instead of cat5? 10g Ethernet someday?

As for the Ethernet, I'm used to having my router and hub in my office / computer room / bedroom, but that's when I only had one or two computers. With a cat5 or 2 from each room needing to terminate somewhere well, I just can't picture it. Let's say I terminate them in my new office / bedroom do I have 10 to 20 RJ45 jacks in the wall that I then patch to whatever? Do I have some bundle coming out of the wall with all 10 or 20 wires? Like I said, I can't picture it.

My apologies in advance if these are dumb question. If there's some FAQ that I should have read first, could someone point me to it?

Any suggestions on things I'm probably not even thinking of?

I'm in North Jersey and could also use recommendations for a local professional in this field? Any idea as to the cost for all this?

So many questions!

Many Thanks.
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