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I require some advice on the repair-ability options for the aforementioned TV. I'm adept at taking it all apart and replacing the boards, but need to know which order based on the symptoms of what to replace.

The TV has worked pretty well since purchased. it has not had any recent firmware updates, and is exclusively used for the panel (no "smart" usage).

Issues experienced:

  • Last night while watching via an HDMI input the screen more or less split the image in half, then turned off.
  • When turning it back on, the status light indicator would blink (as it was starting up), the backlight would turn on (can see the shadow), and sound would be heard. No picture. No OSD can be seen using the controls on the TV.
  • Verified with flashlight that LCD picture was not visible
  • Attempted a few more power cycles (off/on, pulling power cable), but did not improve.
  • During the last of those cycles, the power status light would blink, but then no backlight, no sound, no picture.
  • The TV does turn on, but you can only verify this because the status light will blink "fast busy" when using the on-TV controls.
  • Power off can only be accomplished now by pulling the plug.
  • Nothing looks loose or bad/blown from visual inspection of the parts.

So, I'm looking for "order-of-board" replacement priority. Should I do:

  1. T-Con
  2. Power supply
  3. Mainboard

or some other order? Have to order parts online as nothing local can provide them. Trying to not spend to much money on the wrong thing.

Advice appreciated!
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