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Repair Advice: Screen Burn

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Got home from a friends Saturday night to have the wife meet me at the door. "Please don't be mad, you can hardly tell when the tv is on" was her first words to me.

Somehow between her and my brother in law, they forgot to do the first step in turning on the tv. CHECK THE DAMN FIREPLACE REMOTE.

Needless to say the fireplace turned on. After things started to smell slightly they decided to check and turn off the fireplace. Then they decided to check the screen. I now have a 6" golden spot on the screen.

Does anyone know of any product that I can use to try and clean the screen. I spoke with the manufacturer and they suggested starting with soap and water and going from there. I really don't want to replace the entire screen unless I have to.

I really don't blame them because I should have installed some sort of interlock on the fireplace.

It still hurts.

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you didn't mention what the screen is. That being said, I expect that a burn spot isn't going to wash out, esp since I understand from your description it was burned from the back side? Someone had a problem with a high power da-lite, got a piece of sample fabric and simply glued it in place over the problem area. It sounds wierd, but if it works with a high tek fabric like HP, it will work with most. I would use a good spray glue like SM super 77, only spray the patch, not the oig area, and do a couple of dry runs with paper as a test screen, so you have some experiance as you will only have one shot at the real deal. I would use a round or oval patch, as it won't show up as easy as straight lines from a square patch.
Sorry about that. It's a Screen Innovations screen. On the lower cost end but "was" a nice screen. It is a burn from the backside. I still can't believe it happened.

I talked to the company today and they gave me a few cleaners to try. I don't really expect anything to work but it's worth a shot. I'll talk to them later this week and see if they can get me a small chunk of the fabric.

I also asked about replacing the entire screen material. They do replace entire roller assemblies but not just fabric. Something about getting it on straight and all that. Would probably be a bit cheaper than a entire new screen but still more than I wanted to spend right now.
be happy you didnt own a firehawk!
If someone torched my Greywolf, I would laugh and say thank you now i have no excuse not to get a better screen!
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You might try one of those magic erasers and soap and water. My wife was able to get out some burn marks from a candle that got too close to a wall and left the paint black with one. You can find them with the rest of the cleaning supplies at just about any store. They seem to get off most stuff when a normal rag won't.
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