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Originally Posted by wmulders  /t/1523247/repair-or-not/0_100#post_24501566

Hi there,

I have a new Panasonic TX-P55VT60E, bought just a week ago. The manufactured date is nov 2013.

I have lookup behind the fans, but i don't have the foam fix.

When i turn on the tv, i hear the fan. If i have the volume up to 30 then i cannot hear the fans anymore, untill i mute the sound.

This model is bought in the Netherlands.

This week a repair guy will come by to fix this with proberly the foam fix. No i have read about fractures in the screen if the back isn't mounted back in the good place. or the tv is moved without backcover. This is verry tricky.

I would like to know, if this model 55vt60 can easiliy crack just like the ZT models? Maybe i will cancel my appointment with the repair guy. The cracks will be verry small, so i think i cannot see them if they are there.

Please can someone give me some advise.

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