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I currently own an older set of Mordaunt Short THX Select MS500 series speakers and just started having sound issues from one of them. The setup is a 5.1 with two 502 floorstanding speakers, a 504 center channel and two 506 dipole surrounds. These are currently hooked up to an Integra DTR-8.4 receiver. Just recently, the left 502 is giving me a short (less than a second) buzzing noise from the sub amplifier every time there is bass coming to the speaker. I can also replicate it with just a slight tap on the side of the speaker. I have had to turn off the sub amplifier for now because it is happening every 10 seconds or so with it on and it has become really annoying.

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this buzzing sound? Is it worth trying to have the speaker repaired or I am better off just replacing the entire setup? These are slightly older speakers, but I have always enjoyed the sound quality and they were not a cheap purchase. In fact, I still see people trying to sell these for around $1700-2000 online (haven't seen any confirmed sales). Unfortunately, I don't know enough about them to know if they are worth repairing or if the latest speaker technology advancements would warrant just tossing them and starting over. There don't seem to be too many Mordaunt Short shops in the Chicago area, so I don't even know what the process would be to have the speaker repaired. I assume the cost of shipping one of these large speakers across the country for service would not be cheap.

If it makes a difference, I just purchased a new Mitsu 65" DLP TV and have a Pioneer VSX-1120-K on the way to replace the Integra and give me the necessary HDMI connectivity and 3D capabilities. I think these speakers were originally designed for a smaller room, but I now have them in a Chicago condo living room that is about 22'x40'. The main seating in the room is about 14' from the TV and center speaker.

Sorry for the long post, but I could really use some advice on how to proceed. If I were to replace the speakers, my budget would be about $2000 or under. I would most likely stick to a 5.1 setup since there is no good way to wire and add 2 side surround speakers. I am also hoping I could keep my 15" Earthquake subwoofer because I have always liked the performance from it and I cannot turn the bass too high anyway or my condo neighbors go crazy.

Thanks for any suggestions,

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