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Repairing Anti-Glare Coating ???

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Well, I think I screwed up.

My grandson got a dap of something (jelly?) on the screen of my Toshiba 46HX83. Without giving it much thought, I just got out my Windex and a soft, clean, cotton, towel, and wiped off the jelly.

After it dried, I noticed the area I cleaned, was now shiny. :eek:

I didn't even realize it was possible, but I think I just rubbed off the anti-glare coating on that area of the screen.

I didn't rub all that hard, nor for very long. The jelly came off rather quickly. I can't believe this happened!

Is there some way to repair this? :confused:
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I think that to repair that, you will need a new screen. I don't think there is anyway to replace the factory coating, or, if you could, it would probably be as expensive as getting a new screen.

Sorry. :(
It's not the rubbing but the Windex. You can't use these types of cleaners on the screen. I'm afraid eskimo is correct - your choices are to ignore it or replace the screen.
Yeah, that is a problem...should only use a damp cloth to clean that screen, sounds like the alcohol rubbed off the black on your lenticular screen.
just put the jelly back on...


Sorry that it happened, good luck on finding a replacement screen that isn't ridiculously priced.

You could also call customer service and see what they suggest, maybe it's better to just windex the whole screen and see what happens, no more anti-glare, but at least it will be uniform.
Same thing happened on my Sony crt set about 3 years ago, except that I WAS using plain water on a soft cloth. I found an ammonia free glass cleaner and got rid of the rest of the coating, no real harm done as I have no reflecting lights anyway.
Thanks for all the replies!

I was hoping that some place made a spray touch-up coating, or something like that, that I could just fix the affected area.

The screen still has like 95% of the coating intact. So, I think I will just live with the shiny spot. Hay, I even paid extra to get the coating (the 46H83 doesn't come with it).

However, I am sure that this is not the last time that something will get onto the screen, and need to be cleaned off. That, unfortunately, is just the way things happen either with kids (or drunk friends?). I don't think a dry or damp cloth would take something sticky off.

So the challenge in the future, is to find something that will clean off what-ever, but not clean off the coating. That might not be easy. :(

Again, thanks to all!
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