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Repairing inverted cone core

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The other day my young son thought it would be fun to press on the "bubble" in the center of a small speaker and ended up inverting it. Is the speaker pretty much toast now or is there any way to pop it back out without damaging it? I could screw a small screw into it and use the threading to pop it back out, but I'm afraid the hole might make matters worse. The core looks like some type of paper or fabric. Thanks!
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Please don't use screws! You can try placing a small piece of masking tape on the dented area of the dustcap, and gently pulling it away lifting the dent out. Or you can use a sticky putty such as "Blue Tack"gently pulling it off. Some have tried the vacuum cleaner wand trick with the smallest nozzle to suck the dustcap dent out. Results have been mixed with that method however.

Good luck! :)
Don't screw into it!

A friend of mine had this happen to him. We fabricated a nozzle out of a 12oz plastic soda bottle and attached it to a vacuum cleaner. First we cut the top off of the bottle so that the vacuum cleaner nozzle could be placed against the inside of the bottle. We then cut an additional hole in the side of the improvised bottle-nozzle to lessen the amount of suction. Gently place against the dust cap and pull it out.

Just make sure that you have just enough suction to do the job and it will work perfectly. Too much and you can damage the dust cap.


Just saw Peter’s suggestion. You may want to try that first, since there is less risk of damaging the dust cap. If that doesn’t work, then try my suggestion.
Great ideas guys. Thanks for the help!
Yes and, btw, never use anything made of iron/steel for any of these tricks as the speaker magnet can pull it right through the cone. Keep to plastics!

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