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I have a pair of KLH 9912's that I use as my mains in my living room with my HT.

I have them powered by an Onkyo 805. Recently I blew out the woofer on the left speaker and I can tell that the right one is on its way out.

I love how these things sound for 2ch Music and for most of my standard older DVD and TV watching. They can reach pretty low being that they are 12's and that they are *Rated* at 28Hz-20,000Hz

I know that these are not anywhere near what some of you guys have, and until I start work on building myself a pair of Statements, this is what I have.

So, my question is; I want to replace the blown woofers in these things. I know that these speakers are probably only worth the cost of the speakers I want to put into them. I also know that there are some guys out here who spend countless hours modeling box volumes, and calculating everything, and designing amazing crossovers and the whole nine yards.

I just want this to work decently until I can start on building a set of real nice speakers.

So, Here are my options:


* Power handling: 80 watts RMS/115 watts max, Frequency response: 25-2,500 Hz, Fs: 26 Hz, SPL: 90.5 dB 1W/1m *


*Power handling: 120 watts RMS/240 watts max. Frequency response: 35-1,500 Hz, Fs: 38 Hz *SPL: 87.2 dB 2.83W/1m

Obviously the first thing I see is the 90.5 dB versus 87.2 which means the Daytons will get louder with less power. But these cannot handle quite as much as the next pair, but I do not think that will be an issue with my Onkyo and being paired with the mid's and highs in one 3 way.

The other thing is, at that price point. It is cheaper for me to possibly get a pair of 5 1/4's for the mids than to pay shipping and break that 100$ mark.

The thing is, I am not sure what I would need to look for in a good (Cheap) replacement.

All of these look quite similar except for a few tiny differences.

Obviously the xover will make a huge difference and I cannot change that, but I know that running with Dayton low's and mids will produce a good sound, but I also saw this and I was wondering if It would be worth the few extra dollars, or would it throw everything else out of place?

Thanks in advance.

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