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Just bought -

• Silicon Dust HD Homerun (new yet to be installed - goal is to replace the TiVo using EyeTV Mac OSX to record over 2 tuners and push to the network drives).

Goal - A set-top front end for the HD Homerun/EyeTV recordings via LAN/WLAN.

Already have -

• 4+TB Network HDD storage with Video_TS and H.264/M4V files available on LAN and WLAN

• Apple TV (1) patched running XBMC/Boxee etc. - full WiFi network player of VTS and M4V.

• Roku HD-XR

•*Roku XD

• TiVo Series 2

A simple directory of titles would be good - don't ever expect an inexpensive player to be ale to compete with XBMC on the AppleTV. Why not just use the AppleTV/XBMC for the TV shows too? It can work very well - but doesn't have the speed over WLAN for TiVo-like FF/RW/Jump.

Can ANY media players respond instantly like a TiVo?

Plus a second or even third player/location is nice - Family room - Theater - Bedroom. If the media player also provides the FULL Netflix Instant Watch interface then we can lose a Roku as well as the TiVo!
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