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I'm new to this forum and I have a Pioneer VSX-D711 (5.1 500watts) that went defunct sitting in box on a shelf for the last 7 years. It worked when I packed it up.

Sadly, I now have all the components to build a home theatre but after setting up the receiver, I discovered it doesn't power on. I get a red LED on the power/standby, but no display, no clicking and no power out the subordinate AC outlet.

I cannot find anything obviously wrong, like leaky capacitors or blown fuses, but I see on the visible side of the Front circuit board, the primary chip has a darker patches on the perimeter -- my closest analogue would be a water stain -- and the near that chip appears a dark purple discoloration that doesn't wipe off.

Assuming that's the cause, is this an amplifier worthy of repair or should I go looking for a successor or different model altogether? I'm leaning toward the latter.

From reading it seems like Pioneers last five years of receivers may have a common defect triggering an AMP ERR, so I'm open to suggestions on brands and models in the same tier. If I remember correctly, I paid $329 at Costco on 2004.
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