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Replacement Amp for Klipsch RW-12D

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After moving to Germany and plugging my sub into a step-down transformer with reversed polarity, the power supply to my RW12D went out. (keeps blowing fuses, and the transformer on the power supply board shows signs of melting) I did have the sub plugged into a transformer with correct polarity, and it did work. But the one that blew it was plugged into an outlet with an open ground, hence my polarity tester would not work. But since the power receptacle on the back of my sub had just two wires, I figured the polarity would not matter. FAIL!

Called Klipsch, and it will cost about $250 for a new amp.

However, I found the BASH 300S on Parts express, which is a 300W amplifier. (The RW-12D comes with a 300W Bash amplifier)

From the pictures on Parts Express, it looks like the screw holes on the 300S will line up with the space for the amplifier on the back of my RW-12D. Unfortunately, I did not find any technical drawings so I could tell for sure.

Anybody know if the 300S will work as a 1:1 swap for the made for Klipsch amp? Of course, the digital display on top of the sub will not work, but I can live with that.

Alternatively, any alternative 300W amps that cost less than $250 that I should check out?

And yes, I have fixed the outlet in question, and it is now grounded, and my polarity tester AND voltmeter have confirmed proper polarity for me.

Thank you!
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The Parts Express 300w BASH amp should work very well for you. If you can get an almost exact-same-size amp as a replacement, then that is good.

I used the PE 500w BASH amp as a replacement for a failed amplifier my 9+ year old 15" subwoofer in April.

Because the amp was not an exact-size replacement, I had my son paste 2"x4"s in a rectangular shape to the back of the existing subwoofer. He extended to wires to the speaker and screwed the PE amp to the 2"x4"s.

The new amp is louder and clearer than the old amp.
Thanks! Once my truck sells back in the states, I will buy the replacement amp. However, for $60 more, I can get the "international" version from O Audio. (Dual voltage power supply) Decisions, decisions...
Very carefully check the size of the OAudio. The OAudio amps are highly regarded in the DIY forum. I did not order one because it was much too big to serve easily as a replacement amp in my application. The PE 300w BASH amp is on sale for ~$100. Their 240w amps (with and without boost) are also on sale at the same price. They have a different form factor which may make them more appropriate in your application.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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