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Hey all,

Ok, so I get a call last Monday from my roommate while I'm in NYC being told that my made a fuzzy sound through the speakers and now won't kick out audio, just video. My luck being what it is, the day after I get back from vacation is my receiver's 2nd birthday, bringing it JUST out of warranty.
I'm now looking to replace it with another receiver that does not have a 2-year timer on it like this one obviously did

I've looked at the Denon avr-1910 and a couple others but want the opinion of much smarter people on this. Whatever receiver I get needs to fit into the following:

103'' 1080P projector so I need GOOD up-converting.

At least 3 HDMI inputs to handle the PS3, XBOX360, and the DVR.

Ability to handle 7.1.

Ability to stream over Ethernet would be nice but is hardly a deal breaker.

Low on funds so I wanna keep this replacement under $1,000.


- Glitch
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