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Replacement screens?

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Hello folks, forgive me if I missed the answer to this elsewhere on this site, I did search but couldn't find the info I needed.

I've got an old Sony 61" kp61v15 that I've had since 1994 and it still runs like a champ, bright, near perfect convergence, etc. I did have to replace the convergence chip last year though, but I soldered it myself, so the cost was only $30 for the chips. Ok, so now the problem is I cracked the outer grooved screen during a move and Sony says they don't sell the part anymore(it was ~$300).

So my question is simple: Are there any aftermarket replacement screens for sale that could fit my tv and that I could do myself? I don't necessarily need a better screen than the stock one, but I don't want it to be worse either, I just don't wanna look at the dang cracks in it anymore! :(

Just to be clear, it's the outer flexible screen (NOT the magnifying plexiglass type one), with vertical lines+grooves in it.

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One other thing......could I just purchase a screen for another 61" TV and would it work? Is there a difference? If so what's the difference?
No one knows? Or I've just missed something obvious around here and no one has the time to point me there?

I have the opposite problem....... I am looking to replace the inner screen (the difuser). I found a Sony parts place in Atlanta a couple of years ago that could get me one for about $400.

I am not paying that much for a 10 year old TV.

ANYBODY.... can you hook one of us up?
Sounds like you are looking for the lenticular screen on the outside. Interesting that Sony no longer sells them.

I would think you could probably go to a screen manufacturer and order one the same size as the rest of the screen pack.

Better yet, try getting a 61" screen from a newer set. I have a KP-61XBR300 which is only a few years old. You can still tape it into the screen pack. If it doesn't fit, Sony parts will let you return it also.
Any lenticular screen that fits should work fine. Just note that there is no standard for actual screen size - the portion that goes into the grooves around the sides could be different measurements for different TVs.

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