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I am thinking about replacing my infocus 4805 with a new 720p projector to hold me over until the 1080p plasmas are cheaper, or even the 1080p projectors drop in price. Couple questions.

I am looking between the hd70 and the mits hd1000.

I notice that both of these projectors have a better contrast ration and more light output.

Between the 4805 and these two will I notice a difference of better color, brightness, and better black levels?

I am projecting the 4805 onto my newly painted walls with Ralph Lauren Pale Gray. The image looks better than it did on my white walls.

I was thinking about buying a carada 100-106" screen, but wanted to know if anyone is using these projectors on painted walls. I know I will get a better image with the screen, but how much of a difference should I expect?

Most likely I will buy a screen , but wanted to make sure the picture would be okay on the same wall my 4805 looks decent on, until I decide what screen to buy
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