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Replacing a C-200 popcorn hour - NMJ like interface and iso file and remote storage compatible

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I have a C-200 that I need to replace due to incompatibility with a new central house video system. The new Popcorn Hour A-410 is not available to ship to the USA for some reason.

I have all of my movies (DVD & BR) ripped to a network storage RAID drive as iso files.

I like the database design and info that NMJ provides and the general ease of it. I also want to be sure the end user interface is easy to use. Family mostly likes the screen with all of the cover art to scan through and select what to watch from there.

With more than 1000 titles I do need some automation to the database data population.

Any suggestions of a good quality replacement?
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I am not against using a mac mini or something similar but would need suggestions on software and setup.
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