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So I shipped a Marantz SR7002 to another state for a warranty firmware upgrade. This receiver will not play DTS-HD properly without it. That kinda ticked me off to begin with then to top it off I just find out UPS damaged the thing in transit. The bottom is dented up and the speaker termnials are all tweaked. I had insurance on it but reading their disclosure closely I think I'm going to be denied for not double boxing this thing. Any other manufacturer would have sent me a nice secure box to send it back in so if UPS denies the repair I'm going to take this opportunity to upgrade and do away with Marantz.

So I've been considering seperates for a long time now but I don't know where to start. I'm assuming the processor would be the biggest thing to consider. Would a good quality processor with cheaper amps work just fine or do I need quality amps also? I plan to buy these in peices and stages so I can afford to spend alot more if I need to.

How much would I need to spend to get something equal or better than the sound quality of the Marantz I had? Any recommendations for me look at as I get started?

PS if anyone is interested in a cosmetically broken receiver make me an offer. I could probably have the repair center ship it back to you instead of me.
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