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OK so my kid broke the LCD on my LNT4661 and i need to replace it.

I have a budget around $1300 and need some advice.

I am commited to this size because I already have the TV armor panel in that size. [Long story, ordered it day of destruction]

Primary use is as my PC monitor Via DVI-HDMI

SLI Rig with HDdvd And A Bluray drive.

Play PC games alot and also browse and do regular PC stuff.

Some SD Broadcasting, Alot of HD movies via Comcrap

Xbox 360 via Component.

So i like the idea of another Samsung because the one i had worked fine. It was just about a year old.

Now I have not seen a 120 HZ tv in person... and dont trust the store displays really. Of course they are out of my immediate price range anyways.

Thought about getting the LN46A530 to replace it.

Of course also saw the LN46A500 but seems like it would be a downgrade for that price, although i have no use for side mounted inputs etc.

Thought maybe i should hold out for the LN46A650 do get in on the 120hz since i do alot of gaming and HD movie viewing but... I dont know.

I need some advice on what to get, is there a Sony i should be considering too.

Anyone have experience with these sets??

Oh and yeah i joined in 2006 and have been lurking since LOL



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OK so i have ruled out the 120 HZ, would like opionions on the LN46A530 compared to the LNT4661.

Would this be a better TV simply due to being newer?

All of the features seam to be the same.

Also anyhelp soon would be great as i would like to get this tonight or tomorrow.


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So the LN46A530 is looking like the one so far.. is it really worth it to go up to the 550. They both have the Just Scan feature.. need that for the PC inpt Via HDMI as that is what saved my last TV from not working.

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Hands down go with the Samsung FP-T5084. This TV will amaze you. I consider myself quite an electronics buff and this is TV is fantastic for the price. You can find it for around $1400 but the extra $100 is worth it. It is a plasma so you don't have to worry about the 120hz. Below are the best setting for the TV to optimize it's capabilities. These are from a professional grade calibration and will work well, especially when viewing at 1080p from an external source. No more questions... you won't regret this TV!

Picture menu:

Mode: Movie

Contrast: 100


Sharpness: 0

Color: 46

Tint: G53, R47

Color tone: Warm2

Size: Just Size

Digital NR: Auto

Detailed Settings menu:

Black Adjust: Off

Dynamic Contrast: Off

Gamma: -3

Color Space: Auto

Edge Enhancement: Off

White Balance menu:

R-Offset: 15

G-Offset: 15

B-Offset: 13

R-Gain: 15

G-Gain: 12

B-Gain: 11

My Color Control menu:

Pink: 15

Green: 15

Blue: 15

White: 15

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If your kid(s) mostly use the tv for gaming in standard definition and even though plasmas have reduced the possibility of burnin greatly, I recommend sticking with lcd. I prefer the plasma myself, but only watch tv

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Thanks for the input guys!

I will be sticking with the LCD format as it will primarily be my PC monitor and for my gaming. Oldest child is 8 and they do not play video games on this TV to be. They can use the standard def tv.

Thinking the LN46A530 is the set.. anyone have this and an opinion on it. [Yes i read the forum thread for it BTW]


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Well, Holy crap what a total POS the LN46A530 is.. at least this panel.

Out of the box

3 dead/hot pixels. one just off of dead center.

Crazy window screening- horrible picture compared to my 4661 that i had. Everything from Component to HDMI all the stuff that was plugged into my 4661 minus the PC and it all looked like total crap.

Messed with the settings [its my 3rd HD set] as i always do

Turned Dnie off on various etc... crapolla!
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