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Well, I'm a happy camper now. I've decided to purchase an MX-980 to replace my 4 month old Harmony 1100. I just can't stand the 1100 anymore, just to many limitations and it's just painfully slow. Even my wife hates it.

Now, going into the 1100, I understood the limitations of the remote and the software, so this was the decision I made when I purchased it. I thought I could handle no longer having macros, but that's just not the case. I have to have them. I won't go into great details of problems with the remote since they have been talked about many times. However, I do have to complain about the slowness. There are many times I push one of the soft buttons and it takes several seconds to respond. Painful to use with the DVR. So many times the display would not come on when I picked up the remote, or even touched the display.

There is so much more. Sorry, I just needed to vent a little about the 1100. I will say that having the touch screen was a mistake on my part. I can't stand having to look down to do anything with the remote. Back to wand style and I'm excited about getting an MX-980.
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