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My HK AVR430 is starting to show its age and will be moved to the bedroom. I need your recommendation on a new receiver. budget $1000, large room size but I tend to listen at low volumes (live in condo).

I am thinking either to wait for the new pioneer VSX-1019AH or get the Denon avr-2809CI. I have 5 speakers (no sub yet), I would be connecting a PS3 w/ HDMI, DVR with HDMI, A Wii with Component, and an ipod dock. TV is a pioneer PDP-5070. Must have commercial volume control for the wife in 5,5.1,7,7.1, and Stereo! In descending order,TV, movies, gaming, and music is what the system is used for.

My HK was great for music but poor for movies. Movie sound was always flat/muted, it always felt like my central speaker was not doing its job right. A secondary reason for switching is that I want HDMI control through the receiver. Right now I have digital from the PS3 going in and I'm only getting PCM 43mhz that has huge XMB sound delays (movies and games are fine).

So what do you think? Should I go Denon or Pioneer? Thanks!
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