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Hi all, good afternoon, I hope all is well.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

So we have an old 2003 G35 that wasn't wired for XM radio. Currently we have a separate radio unit that plugs into the cigg adapter for power and a cassette adapter for the sound. And yet a 3rd wire that I have to run to the back of the car for the antenna. As you can imagine the wires are a complete eye sore and completely clutters the area.

Are there any radio units I can purchase that can replace all of this....like a built in XM radio. Would I be able to buy a 2004 or newer G35 radio and put it in ours? I know we will have to wire the car but I can't imagine that costing too much or too much trouble to put in.

I hope all this makes sense & I appreciate and help/advice for this. I have no idea where to even start! I googled for new radios but the search results kept coming up way off base haa.

Many thank you's folks!

Kind Regards.
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