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Hello, I currently have a sanyo plv-z2 and am looking at upgrading. For the last 6 years I have had it in a dedicated theater room and it worked great. Since then we have turned that into a bedroom and moved the projector into a rec room with alot more light. Even with the shades pulled it's hard to see the image during the day. Obviously I need one with more lumans but do I want to upgrade to 1080p? What contrast ratio do I want. Here is my criteria:

Room size: 12x20

Projection throw: 12ft

Sitting distance: 10 to 15ft

Da-lite 92" screen

White walls and ceiling

50% sports 50% movies

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Originally Posted by budz71 /forum/post/20882554

Sorry this thread should go in the under $3000 forum as I am only planning on spending $700-$1500.

A little over your budget, but you might want to look at the Optoma HD3300 if you are interested in 3D. We have a pre-interest list for this projector. If only interested in 2D take a look at the Mits HC4000. Both of these projectors are fixed offset DLP projectors. The Mits has a fairly large offset and the Optoma has a lot smaller fixed offset. If you need lens shift then Epson 8350. There are some 3D 720P projectors, but if it was me, I would try to go with 1080P because with that size room you could easily go with a larger screen.
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