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Just hit 1809hrs last night and the "Replace Lamp" warning popped up. This is my first projector, so I'm a little anxious about the process, but it seems pretty straight-forward from reading the manual. Still, I have some questions:

* Can anyone offer some advice regarding replacing and/or handling the lamp?

* Should I use this as an opportunity to spray some Dust Off on the lenses or something?

* How about the ISF calibration I had done- is there anything I need to do or do I even need to be concerned since it was saved to my projector's memory?

* The lamp cost $400 direct from Panasonic, but it's currently $327 w/free shipping from Amazon- is that the best deal to be had on it? I've seen it less elsewhere, but those resellers' reputation/ratings are less than perfect...

* What about this Relampit website I've seen mentioned... anyone have any experience w/them?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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