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Hey All.

So I've owned my 55" C6300 Samsung LED for over a year now, and I've ordered a PN59D6500 with 4 year warranty for $1600 that will arrive tomorrow. I plan on testing it and selling one of the two tv's after I have some time with it.

Things I love about the LED: Bright/Vivid picture.

Things I hate about the LED: Terrible Uniformity/Flashlighting/Blacks in a dark room, Significant Input Lag.

Things I hope to love about the Plasma: Good Uniformity/Blacks, Low Input Lag.
Things I fear about the Plasma: Poor overall brightness. (coming from an LED owner)

I did a lot of research into the 2011 plasma with the best peak brightness, and based on http://www.televisioninfo.com/conten...and-Whites.htm this review and the others on this site , I concluded that the D6500 series has the best peak brightness while not sacrificing too much on black levels.


Peak Brightness is around 150 cd/m2

Blacks are around .04 cd/m2


Peak Brightness is around 120 cd/m2

Blacks are around .03 cd/m2

and so on... Also I didn't see a Panasonic that exceeded 150 cd/m2.

Does anyone have any opinions about the PND6500 as whites go? Brightness?

Also, if you don't like the 6500, what would you buy for +- $1500?

Thanks in advance. I'll report back my impressions of the tv when it arrives.

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This plasma section has unfortunately seen a big drop in activity since the official termination of plasma production last fall, so dont take it personally.

In a light controlled room, even the dimmest plasmas are plenty bright, in my opinion. In a brightly lit room, even the brighter ones will suffer in comparison to LED - BUT, I think for most peoples (even normal, non-videophiles) den setup, most plasmas are absolutely fine. If you have a good bit of sunlight coming in, that will cause an issue, but same thing with CRTs.

A good rule of thumb is, if a CRT works or has worked in the room, so will plasma. Its really not as big a deal as most make it out to be. Ive seen LCDs with glare so bad they couldnt be watched either in some sunlit rooms.
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