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Replacing SONY KDF-60W655

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After five years, my LCD screen is separating/deteriorating. A blue overlay is increasingly creeping across screen - now up to about 15%. Electronics repair shop said it would cost over $1000 to repair and not worth it. I have a couple of questions.

1. Is five years a reasonable life span? (From reading other posts, it seems like it may be). Is there any new technology that is likely to have a greater life span.

2. We have gotten used to a 60" display. How small of a replacement do you think I will reasonably tolerate. Or will I get used to say a 55" or 50" display. In general, I truly believe bigger is better. As has been cited here or in similar forums, few people ever say they wish they had bought a smaller display.

3. What is the best bang for the buck for a large display for around $2000?



Columbus, GA
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Size is very much a matter of personal taste. Bear in mind that a flat-panel is thinner than your projection set, so the chances are the screen will be further away. To get the same size image you would probably need a 65 inch set.

5 years seems common for RP sets. My JVC is still going strong at 4 1/2 but I plan to replace it before the end of the year.

There are a number of 2009 55 inch models or bigger now being put on clearance sale, some of them around 2G or lower. Check your local stores. Sony has a 55V5100 that gets good reviews. The Toshiba 55V650U has also had good comments. Sharp has 60 and 65 inchers but these may be above your price goal.

If you like plasmas (I don't but some do) they give the best size/price bargain right now. But a big one will use electricity like a small electric heater.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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