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I have a HTIB 5.1 Sony HT-7000DH which is using a Sony STR-K7000 receiver. I'd like to replace the reciever but not the speakers it came with (yet) and am looking for suggestions.

The setup is a hand-me-down and the receiver has gone bad but the speakers seem fine, I'd like to upgrade the reciever but keep the speakers as they are already hung on the wall.

I'm looking in the $200-300 range but am afraid to blow the speakers with too powerful of a system so am looking for advice on what to replace the STR-K7000 with. Features like Bluetooth and wireless connectivity to a PC for lossless would be great but not super necessary as I can always chromecast mp3's.

The systems main use is PS4 games, Netflix, and the occasional blue ray movie. The system is on pretty often for music in the household while cooking or cleaning.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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