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Replacing Speakers on Sony HTIB

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Hello everyone, I bought an HT-SS2300 and last week I noticed that my FR speaker makes a clacking noise on higher volumes leading me to believe that the speaker is blow. I actually have 15 days on my warranty still left so I called Sony for a repair but unfortunately, I would have to send in my entire system, sub woofer included to get a single speaker serviced. So I continued to call and find out that Sony sells this speaker alone but it costs $51 which is probably comparable to the cost it would be to ship my entire system in for repairs. I continued to shop online a found a 5 piece speaker set from BDV-280 going on eBay for $50. I contacted support again to ask if switching out those speakers with mine as a set would work and they told me yes. I'm pretty confident now that such a replacement would be possible but wanted to double check for any opinions here. The Sony speakers are rated 3 ohm impedance on almost all their HTIB systems and usually the set as a whole is labeled 1000 watts. Also if anyone owns an older and newer version of Sony's HTIB I wanted to ask if there is a difference in quality between the speaker sets. I noticed that mine have a metal grill on the front in seem to be of higher build quality than the newer versions which have a cloth front cover. Essentially, will i loose quality by making the switch to a newer speaker system (seem counter-intuitive to even ask). Both systems are rated 1000 watts so both should sound the same, correct? I am just worried that over the years Sony could have gone with a cheaper manufacturing process and the theater systems may have suffered.

Anyways, thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to the options before I make a decision and purchase.
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I briefly had a HT-ss370 before I returned it because I felt the speakers did not sound very good. I swapped in an older set of 8 ohm speakers that I had left over from an older Kenwood system and they sounded so much better with the Sony amp that I could not keep the system. Now, the specs for those speakers look a lot like the specs for yours, so I don't know if they have gotten worse. They were louder than my Sony W4100 TV, but not better. In fact, the speakers in the TV were larger!

Anyway, you may simply try to find a cheap set of 8 ohm surrounds and hook those up instead. They would sound much better, but at the cost of reduced power.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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