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Hey I was looking at the pictures on 9thtee.com of inside the Ultimate TV unit


Look at the bottom picture it has

"Web TV P/N" then some numbers

Does this mean that the hard drive is specially made for the Ultimate TV and web TV?

I was wondering if this means that the hard drive has any special qualities

I am getting my Ultimate TV unit (Sony W60) in this next week and I wanted to venture into replacing the Hard Drive with a larger one

I have read all the forums posts here about what they have tried

I am starting this thread. So people can post any information they have found from personal experience

From what I understand here are things I know

1. Ultimate TV runs WinCE

2. There is a Western Digital 45GB Hard Drive with a Web TV number on it

What we need to know is the File system used by Ultimate TV.

I know this had been said before but I am looking for detailed information from what people have or have not discovered.

Like what does Partition Magic recognize the file system to be?

I won't waste time repeating everything from the other threads

What I will ask though is that people post failure and success with details of what you did. So we can prevent from everyone from doing the same thing and it not working.

Also please don't post uselessness like "I would try this but I can't. I don't want to void my war....." it is not constructive towards the cause. Please do not take offense to this.

Also if anyone has looked at a Ultimate TV Hard Drive with some utility(like Partition Magic) can you tell use what information it gave you, if any. Even if it seems like useless

If something I said is wrong or my ideas are wrong or inaccurate please correct me. I love to learn and would love to add another HardDrive to my Ultimate TV unit
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