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Replacing VPL-VW10HT - what to do with it and access.

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I finally replaced my Sony VPL-VW10HT. I was thinking the lamp would die but it won't. I also have another used lamp that I replaced before it's end of life.

The VPL-VW10HT used component cables so I had a device to convert HDMI to component.
The VPL-VW10HT had a screen door effect from 10' away and my front seats were that so I had a device that blurred the pixels together.
Projector Lamp LMP-P200 for Sony VPL-PX20, VPL-PX30, VPL-S50M, VPL-S50U, VPL-VW10HT, VPL-VW10

I debated to give this to my son in a few years when he is on his own but not sure it would make sense for gaming even compared to the most basic projectors today.

Hate to think about just throwing all this stuff out. Ideas? What have you guys done.
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There are often churches and other facilities that would love a projector which can handle basic video duties, especially if it can handle some audio as well and you have all the pieces to connect HDMI to it. Some schools get excited about stuff like this as well. More likely the case in a private school vs. a public school.

Of course, if you throw it up on Craigslist for free, it will go very quickly. Even if you just ask a few bucks for it, you may get it locally. Especially if you include some photos of it in operation.
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