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Replay Closed Caption enable mplayer available for DVArchive

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Thanks to help from a maintainer of Windows port for mplayer, I now have a

version that displays CC when watching shows under DVArchive. The

shows can be streamed from Replay itself, or be previously downloaded

into DVArchive. I can't post it as an attachment here because of its size (4.2 Meg).

Anybody has a suggestion?

The installation is very simple. It comes in a zip file. You just unzip it and

tell DVArchive to run mplayer.exe in it.
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Ok, I have an idea. If you know how to set up DVArchive on your

windows machine, you know how to follow directions. Instead of trying

to build a big package that is idiot proof, I will give you a few steps

to follow plus a small package that can be attached here.

For those of you who want to get windows mplayer that works under

DVArchive and displays closed caption, first get this pre-compiled

mplayer package from:


Unzip it, and you will get a folder called "mplayer" containing files

and additional folders inside. One the folders inside "mplayer" is

also called "mplayer". Don't get confused. Inside of that "mplayer"

is a file called "config" -- ie, mplayer\\mplayer\\config.

Now, get the additional files from the attached xtra.zip. Unzip it and

you should get a new config file and a font folder. Replace

mplayer\\mplayer\\config with the new config, put the mplayer and the

font folder somewhere convienent, and edit mplayer\\mplayer\\config to

change the font= line to reflect whwere the font folder is.

The setting of font= out of the xtra.zip file assumes mplayer folder is

located at "C:\\Program Files\\mplayer", and the font folder is located

at "C:\\Program Files\\mplayer\\mplayer\\font" .


xtra.zip 57.703125k . file


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Got anything for Mac OS X users?


but thanks for the effort on ANY closed captioning work you've done.

checking out mplayer to see what it is like, and maybe see its java based etc.

edit: seem its unix based, just need to complile it for a macosx version, i will be doing that tonight when I get home and see if its possible, then see if I can use that CC plug in.
Google finds this site -- http://mplayerosx.sourceforge.net/

From the site...

MPlayerOSX is binary distribution of MPlayer (The Movie Player for Linux) and comes with native GUI in MacOSX. After installation you can simply (by Drag&Drop) play almost all 3ivx, DivX 3,4,5 and other codecs files in the window or fullscreen mode. Rendering of very nice antialiased text-based subtitles is also supported.

I don't have access to a Mac, but mplayer's web site says Mac OS X is

supported. I will attach the latest patch to the mplayer source code,

which enables CC for both RTV 4K and 5K.

The mplayer binary from the link in my previous article is the windows

version with the patch already applied. The extra.zip is not the patch

but it contains the font and a config file that enables the CC

display. To build the Mac binary, you will need to apply the patch

which I include in this post.

Broadcast TV, DVD, and ReplayTV all use the same CC data stream. Mplayer

already have a CC module to display CC when fed the data stream, and a

a function to extract the data stream from DVD mpeg stream. ReplayTV

stores the stream in a different format, and the patch allows mplayer's

extraction function to recognize ReplayTV formats.

The CC module for mplayer works great for me. However, I have noticed

a couple problems. First of all, it display CC as subtitles -- always

on the bottom of the screen, and always of the same size, color, and


Secondly, it handles the kind of data stream that goes

blah blah blah

more blah blah blah ...

But it does not handle the kind of stream that goes

blah blah blah

more blah blah blah ...

I saw the second form in a news broadcast. I consider that to be a bug

in the mplayer CC module. The text is visible from my rtvccdump program,

but CC is missing from mplayer output. I will see if I can come up

with a patch for it.

The third issue is that CC from standard quality recording looks

different from medium and high quality recording. That is because

standard quality recording mpeg actually encodes a picture that is

narrow. If you play it through an older version of mplayer, you

will see that the picture is compressed horizontally by 50% as if

you were looking at it through a reverse anamorphic lense. The

latest mplayer recognizes that and streches it to full width.

Unfortunately OSD texts are apparently "painted" on before the

stretching, and so they ended up looking fat.

[edit: I have replaced the patch with one that includes the patch that makes

scrolling CC work. I can't provide you with the windows binary at this time

because I don't compile mplayer windows binary. I compile sparc solaris

binary. I will get in touch with one who does compile windows binary]


cc_patch.zip 1.265625k . file


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Update -- the person who compiles windows binary for mplayer has updated the

zip file found in this link to include support for scrolling caption.

Wen-king, do you know how I can get the GUI to work with mplayer?

Also I would like to be able to get it into my Open With.. menu in WINXP. I have been through the documentation and I didn't see anything about that. I don't see a link to a forum about mplayer either.

Thank you
I don't use a gui for mplayer, so I can't help you with that. I found I

only need to use the keyboard hot keys. Also I am not familiar with

windows enough to help you with the "open with" setting. I found it

sufficient to create a short cut to mplayer and drag and drop mpeg files

on it. There is no forum I know of, but they have mailing lists. They

can be found on at http://www.mplayerhq.hu web site.
Ok, I will go with the mailing list.

mplayer doesn't display CC on some of my RTV files. I know the CC is there because rtvccdump displays the CC. It seems as though it is with the shows that has a different type of CC. Because when this CC is converted to srt it displays in the middle then shoots out to the sides. I have been trying to get the file from post #7 but I get a Page Cannot be Found. I downloaded another one then used the xtra.zip.

Do you think you can contact the person who compiles windows binary for mplayer?
The maintainer seems to have removed all binaries, not just that

specific one, from the ftp site. I will wait a little bit to see if new

binaries show up. It is possible that the fix will have been made

part of the standard binary release by then. If not, I will enquire.
I needed to read a little better. It is at -

Even with the player in the previous post the CC will not show up on the problematic mpgs. Even after using rtvcc.
I will need to look at your mpeg. If you can set it up for me to ftp

part of it, I will look at it.
I uploaded a clip here
CC plays just fine for me with that clip. Make sure your mplayer

program is installed where you expected it to be. The version I

use has a 10/22/04 time stamp and listed as 7,525K insize.
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