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Replay / Dish 6000 setup?

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I just had a Dish 6000 receiver installed yesterday and have a few questions:

I'm using IR code # 0775 - is this correct?

I hooked up the IR blaster to the Dish 6000 receiver and the ReplayTV appears to be able to change channels 'o.k.' but it doesn't do anything with the power of the Dish receiver. Should it?

Am I expected to leave the Dish receiver on at all times?

Is the Replay supposed to send a discrete-on to the Dish receiver when the Replay powers on to record a show? (I certainly think it 'should.').

If it is supposed to be controlling the power of the Dish receiver, under what circumstances does it do it - and what IR code should I be using?


P.S. Is there an easier way of removing channels from the ReplayTV's channel guide than selecting each one by one? Considering there are 'hundreds?' of "locals" listed (and only 4 or so that I can get) I'm finding it EXTREMELY tedious to deselect all of those channels.
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The replytv does not turn the Dish 6000 on or off under normal use. It only does it when testing the setup IR code, yes it is code 0775.

The Dish 6000 is actually turned on all the time, you only turn off the LEDs and black out the video outputs. It actually updates its software and EPG while it is 'turned off' from the satellite. Always leave it on for the Replaytv to work properly.

You have to remove the channels just like you have been doing.

For what it's worth - code 0775 didn't turn my Dish 6000 receiver off during the setup. It changes channels fine though. It sure would be nice if Echostar got there act together and offered serial interfaces to their receivers like some of the DirectTV models. It would avoid some of the IR blaster hassles w/ Dish. (ie: Never leave the receiver in its own channel guide, at a ppv prompt, in a menu, etc. etc.)
I agree, Patrick. One thing about the serial port interface that still didn't work: not able to "turn on" the DirecTV receiver! I had to leave my receiver on all the time, too.
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