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By Gnarf:

My Replay box, a loyal pal;

A friend I truly care for.

Because it guarantees I'll see;

the shows I wasn't there for.

Two thousand shows I’ve recorded so far;

each night I record a new one.

Who knows, perhaps there’ll come a day;

I’ll find the time to view one.

:D :D :D

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(not very good)

I once owned a ReplayTV

Which meant much more time that was free

But I became pensive

and my time was expensive

So why did I have to buy three?

(bad taste but the moral is there)

I once owned a Replay recorder

with lots of space cuz I'm a hoarder

My friends call it "Tivo"

"It's a REPLAYTV tho!"

A serious name brand disorder :(

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How long can Randy go,

without mentioning Tivo?


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Tivos, Tivos, everywhere...

Replays guys are in despair!

They feel the need to put it down,

yet they secretly love that little clown!

That's the only reason there could be;

Why else do they say "Tivo" so frequently?


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Originally posted by toots
Slightly paraphrased, without permission, otherwise by C. Lavin:

I didn't mean it when I said I hope

The cable in the elevator snaps when you step on board.

And I was joking when I said I hope you crack your head

And get mangled by the downstairs revolving doors.

And I was kidding when I said I hope the Number one-o-three bus

Hits and makes a pancake out of you.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Isn't it amazing what a TiVo zealot will do?

And I really don't want to see your taxi

On the 59th Street Bridge

Flip over and crash through the rail.

And I'd feel bad if at the airport

You were mistaken for a local sex offender,

Arrested, beaten up, and thrown in jail.

And I really don't want to see you getting

Radiation poisoning from the metal detector that all passengers

On foreign and domestic flights must walk through.

I'm sorry, forgive me

For all the mean things I said to you.

You thought I didn't have a temper.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, surprise!

But I really don't want to see you dismembered

By the marijuana sniffing dogs,

When a simple little nipping would suffice, would suffice.

And I'm sorry that I said I hope

The plane explodes in mid air

As it carries you away from me

And I'm sorry that I said

I hope you break both legs

On the mountain while you ski.

And I'm sorry for all the nasty things

I said about your mother

(Even though we both know they're true).

I'm sorry, forgive me,

I'm swallowing my pride,

I'd feel so guilty if you died,

Oh, I'm sorry, but I'm still mad at you.


aka the ReTroll

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