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Replaytv 4000

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I am new to this forum and do not own a ReplayTV yet. I am planning on buying the 4000. I called SonicBlue the other day and asked them some questions on the unit. I wanted to see if anyone on this forum has heard differently from what he told me, and I have a few more questions as well.

SonicBlue told me:

You can drag recorded files over to your computer. They are Mpeg2 and are not encrypted.

Sending a show over the internet takes 6 hours for 1/2 hour show.

I-channels will be Mpeg4.

You cannot drag video files from your PC to the 4000 and play them.

MyreplayTV.com will not be updated on the fly. It will still take a day.

Here are some questions I have:

Is the 40 hour unit, 40 hours at best, or 40 hours at worst quality?

How large is a 1 hour mpeg2 file? Can I burn it to DVD? Can I convert it to mpeg4?

thanks for helping me out. I am sorry if all this stuff has been posted before.
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Originally posted by dkan24
Is the 40 hour unit, 40 hours at best, or 40 hours at worst quality? How large is a 1 hour mpeg2 file?
That's 40 hours at standard quality, which I use all the time and would not tend to use the word worst, but I knew what you meant :)

The mpeg file size will very with the quality. At standard quality, a 1 hour file will be 1Gb!
I can't verify anything that you say Sonicblue told you. I don't think we've heard anything quite as specific here about some of the features.

But the 40 hour model will be 40 hours at standard quality. How good is Standard? It's better than you're getting on your VCR, but you will see some jaggies. I got my first Replay and used it for a year at Standard quality, only changing after I had gotten a rear projection and had it for some time. I now record things in Medium quality which looks great. You'll get better than 20 hours of guaranteed shows with that, and remember that you can schedule a lot more than that to be recorded.

I think that pretty much everyone here will agree that its impossible to have too much space. But no matter how much disk space you have, you always think that a little more would be so much better.
Shoot. I got enough disk space. A hacked "2060" and a stock 3030. That's about 45 hours at medium quality, which is what I use for pretty much everything.

I rarely think that more disk space would be nice, although I often wish for the third tuner that a third unit would offer.

Hmph. I guess I'm not quite the consumate couch potato that I thought I was...
Oh, toots....

I'm sooooo disappointed in you.... :)
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