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ReplayTV skipping and deleting shows :(

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I think I've had my ReplayTV 40G for less than a year now and recently it's been skipping and freezing a lot-- it'd get so bad I would have to reboot it.

Today, after another reboot- it was frozen on startup from when it tried rebooting itself I guess- it came up but BAM, none of my shows were there! Completelly erased :( The network settings, etc., were still there, but 100% of the shows gone.

And it's still skipping.

Any idea what's going on and what my options are?

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 l8er has alot of great info you should read.

Also, there are many other discussions on bad hard drive replacements.

John, what you describe is typical of a failing hard drive, which, by the way, is the most common part to fail in any ReplayTV. I strongly suggest you replace the hard drive before doing anything else. If you're interested in buying one ready to boot I offer them www.replaytvparts.com. 18er also has a web site to aid do it yourselfers www.replaytvupgrade.com
thanks mikeyboy,

i was afraid of that! talk about bad luck.. my first PVR was an old Tivo (dual drive 30) tha crapped out on me the same way.. now it's the replay's turn..
Do I at least get a little thank you too....

I had the same link to l8tr and had the same jist.... :(

Good luck, the same thing happened to me....
Originally posted by Zadkiel
Do I at least get a little thank you too....
Thank you too.
hehe zadkiel-

WEIRD.. i never even saw your post till just now!!

hmmm.. wonder if my browser scrolled up automatically and went past yours.. damn beta browsers!! (camino)

and thank you, too, zadkiel :)
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