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I picked up a ReadyNAS Ultra 4 last week with 4 WD Green 2TB disks. Did the LCC mod, put the disks in, and everything worked. Took a bit to create the volume in RAID 5 (3+1).

It took a bit to get familiar with the interface as this is my first NAS, but I am pleased with it. Tonight was its first real stress test. In parallel I was streaming Up over SMB to a WDTV from the NAS; reading from it everything backing up to another box (mounted NFS export from NAS, running 'find . | cpio -pdmv /path/to/backupdir'); and backing up a BD over the network to the Netgear.

The load on it was high (top), I saw some blocked processes in vmstat, and it used all 1GB of memory, but handled it and the movie played fine. The CPU was mostly used and a it would benefit from a dual core.

It was writing about 2.17 gigabytes to disk per minute; 8MB/s of that was from Windows doing the backup.

Needless to say I was impressed. My only wish is that I had bought a bigger box as 5.5TB usable is disappearing quickly.
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