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SUBJECT: Custom Pronto Screen for remote control of PowerDVD, WinDVD, AsusDVD!

FORUM: Home Theater Computers

DATE: 09-01-2000

STATUS: Originally posted on old UBBS system.


This is for Airboard keyboard users and WinDVD/AsusDVD/PowerDVD users. This includes AVSCIENCE HTPC users! I have made a bare bones .ccf file that works with Airboard keyboard users of WinDVD/AsusDVD/PowerDVD. Instead of using the default DVD buttons included with the Pronto, I have also merged all the common DVD stuff into one Pronto screen for convenience.


Download: Pronto .ccf for WinDVD/AsusDVD/PowerDVD compatible with Airboard's receiver.

  • Compatible with all current versions of WinDVD/AsusDVD/PowerDVD.
  • Uses the Airboard wireless keyboard receiver.
  • Just install and play: Everything except the 'On' button works "out of the box" without modifications to your HTPC!
  • Extra large WifeFriendly<tm> Play/Pause buttons.
  • Left/right buttons at bottom of Pronto remote are also Play/Pause.
  • Fast Forward/Rewind/chapter skip well-spaced away from DVD directional arrows to reduce accidental button presses.
  • Sub button allows you to select DVD subtitle. If menu pops up, use DVD arrow keys and Ok to select the language.
  • Ext button displays the same popup submenu accessed by a right-button mouse click. Useful for enabling/disabling items or going to various DVD menus, use the DVD arrow keys and Ok button to select menu item.
  • Mute button on Pronto controls DVD player's mute.
  • Volume +/- buttons on Pronto controls DVD player builtin volume.

  1. You can use any other computer if preferred, HTPC or otherwise, even if it does not have a DVDROM drive.
  2. Get the latest ProntoEdit software from www.prontoedit.com
  3. Install ProntoEdit
  4. Connect Pronto to the computer using the serial cable included with Pronto.
  5. Launch ProntoEdit
  6. Select "Upload From Pronto" in File menu. The Pronto remote will upload the current configuration into ProntoEdit.
  7. Select "Save Configuration As" in File menu, to backup your current configuration. Specify any filename you'd like.
  8. Next, select "Open Configuration" in File menu.
  9. When prompted, select the Pronto_Airboard.ccf file that you downloaded.
  10. When you are asked, select "Merge".
  11. Note: The device names for this pronto configurations are WinDVD and PwrDVD so it will not overwrite your existing 'DVD' screen.
  12. Select "Download to Pronto" from File menu.
  13. You've now installed the custom screen on your Pronto remote!

  • You can have just one of the two DVD players, or both DVD players simultaneously installed. Just make sure you pre-select the WinDVD or PwrDVD device button on the Pronto remote first!
  • By default, the Off button closes the DVD player.
  • By default, the On buttons transmits an F11 keypress for PowerDVD, and an F12 keypress for WinDVD. You should assign the F11 and/or F12 hotkeys to the WinDVD and PowerDVD shortcuts respectively (right click icon, select Properties, and assign F11 or F12). Then, when you press On, the DVD player will automatically launch!
  • You can replace the volume and mute codes with your receiver's own codes instead of WinDVD's own codes.
  • Volume control is duplicated into Channel up/down because a lot of people fumble with these buttons in the dark. You can reassign other functions to these buttons if you wish.
  • BONUS: Includes an 'Airboard' device to use your Pronto remote control as a keyboard. For those rare times you need to transmit specific keypresses or enter numbers, and the keyboard is not within convenient reach! Credit goes to whoemever donated this to me (You know who you are - please let me know, so I can give credit).



Mark Rejhon

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Not to be a pig, but how about including dscaler and powerstrip. My HTPC is not yet complete but hope to be able to control the whole system with my pronto. Thanks for what you have provided already, but if you have the ccf for the others that would be great too.



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you might also want to try my system ccf, available on Remote Central. It does support DScaler. As a soon to be PowerStrip user when I get my Radeon 8500, I might put in some support for that as well. My ccf has somewhat different aesthetical/usability priorities than Marks ccf, mostly putting more buttons on the individual panels. It might also take a bit more work to adapt to your PC, but I believe quite a bit about Pronto macros can be learned from it.


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Has anyone already converted the Pronto ccf to a Crestron driver, either by a learner or manually?

I can do the latter. I have a learned Crestron driver, but it has some corrupted command files and it isn't worth it to ferret those out.

Thank you very much

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