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Hi all, kind of new hear I have been reading up on the HTPC threads.

I got help when I first bought my projector from the folks on blu-ray.com.

I bought a mits-hc1600 and a da-lite screen that I found really cheap on Craigslist. So far it has been a great set-up, one of the best electronics purchases I have made for sure.

I'm thinking of upgrading my screen and projector though between now and Xmas (assuming I have a job and all between now and then!)

I have a light controlled room and my walls and ceilings are painted dark matte red so light control is not a problem. I can't remember my exact throw distance, it's about 15 feet I think and my screen if I remember is 108" wide.

I would like to get a new screen that is rigid when it pulls down as the only real flaw in my screen is I can see waves in it on solid colored scenes of movies.

It HAS to be a pull down screen, it can't be fixed. I'd prefer manual pull down not motorized. It needs to hang from wall, I have two hooks that I can hang it on. I can move the hooks some if needed. Also as noted I currently have a HC-1600 project but I would like to eventually get a panny AE3000u so something geared towards the AE3000u would be preferable.

If I can get improved performance over my da-lite screen that would be great also. I don't really know the material of my screen as I bought it second hand. It does appear to have some embedded "crystals" in it to increase light reflection and it appears white (not grey) if that is any help.

I really don't know if I have their cheap-o budget screen or one of the better ones, but maybe someone can identify it.

I'd prefer to spend around $500 on this, or less if it meets my needs.

Can anyone recommend some screens that fit this price range and my specs?

Also, as mentioned I'd like to get a panny 3000. Seeing that the 4000 is out should I expect to see price drops on the 3000? Or will their price remain strong since they are so popular? I only saw one used one sell on ebay in the past 90 days for $1650. I would hope that by xmas maybe I could score one for $1000-$1200? What do ya'll think? Am I dreaming?

Is there a good place to set up an online alert when something is listed below a price you are looking to get it for?

Thanks for any help!
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