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Request 5500 series 190 software version

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I'm looking for a current 5500 vs 190 disk image. It can sent easily via broadband. If anyone can help me out please email me [email protected]

Thank you in advance
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No takers yet. Let me assure you donating this image will benefit all 5500 owners, not me.

As hard as it may be for some.

I think you will have further luck in finding this ver. 190 if you placed

a post at FW

I'm sure there has to be someone still sitting on a unit that has not yet

updated to the mother-ship, "maybe those that plan to sell via eBay"

With all those that sold in the past month or so its only going to get much more difficult to find a unit with ver 190.
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Um.... isn't 190 the current released version? Unless everyone who comes here has some newer beta, but I highly doubt that.

I'd help, but all I have is the 190 on the 5000, not the 5500.
Thanks for the replies. I'm looking for the latest version which is 190 according to my 5040's 411 zones.


My bad, for some reason I was thinking 190 was the old ver.

I have the image if you still need it.

Do you have some sort of ftp for the upload?

Size= 505 MB (529,531,904 bytes)

Thank you everyone. I believe I'm all set now.

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