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ReQuest Adds HDTV GUI, Sirius Radio to iQ Music System
New GUI supports 720p HDTVs and is available through a free software update.

ReQuest is adding an on-screen HDTV GUI and Sirius Satellite Radio compatibility to its iQ Whole House Music System.

When the company came out with its ReQuest iQ Music System in 2006, we marveled at the solution since ReQuest had previously relied solely on third-party control systems to operate its popular whole-house media server.

In fact, the unit won the Best Overall Product at the EHX Multi Room Audio Video (MRAV) awards at EHX Fall 2006.

But the ReQuest iQ was still just beginning, and offered just a handful of touchscreen control and source options.

Not any more.

Today, the company announced its first TV-based interface, and it supports 720p to boot.

The new GUI provides full-screen graphics to navigate the controls of the iQ Music System on any 720p HDTV.

Any IR remote to control the new GUI using "learned" or existing codes, allowing selection of hard drive, XM, Sirius, AM/FM, DAB, and Finetune music options.

Users can browse by cover-art, song or artist and set presets and access ReQuest's Widgets.

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