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Hey all,


I am looking for a good set of bluetooth speakers that I can hook up to my iPad or iPhone. I am mostly interested in using them to listen to YouTube videos or talk radio in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Sound quality isn't hugely important.


Ideally, I'd like something that is rechargeable but also supports an AC adapter.


My main questions are actually about whether all sound will be routed from the iPhone/iPad to the speakers. I want all sounds, systemwide, to play through the speakers--not only sound in specific applications. Is this the way it works?


Specifically, will YouTube sound play through the speakers? If I select a passage to be read aloud, will that also play through the speakers? I want to be sure of this, since I'm not going to use these speakers to play music often.


Aside from that, does anyone have any recommendations? Ideally they'd be somewhat loud, not too bulky, and not too expensive. Sound fidelity isn't important, so long as it can reproduce the parts of the audio spectrum used by the human voice well.


I would greatly appreciate any advice that anyone can provide. Thanks.
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