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I am interested in a basic inexpensive USB HDTV Tuner. I have my PC in an area where I can't watch TV, and when I'm doing PC stuff, including gaming, I want to be able to keep an eye on my favorite sports, shows, etc. I have a secondary PC that I will use dedicated just for watching TV when its on. Its specs are as follows:


- AthlonXP 2600+

- 1GB RAM PC2700

- Geforce 6800XT

- Dell 2407FPW (24" Widescreen)

My main rig is top end, but usually when I am using that PC, it is being utilized to its max potential and don't want HDTV bogging it down, so will be running it on this "older" PC.

I am considering these two devices:

(1) Diamond XtremeTV HDTV USB TV TUNER

(2) PCTV HD Pro Stick

I am mainly intereted in watching TV, and have no real interest in recording it. I hear both of these products have somewhat crappy software. Is there a third party (preferably cheap or free) that would do better?

Is there another USB device I am missing? The reason I am requesting a USB device is that I want to have the ability to swap it between two PC's.

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