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Hello AVS forum,

I've been reading this forum off and on for years. This is a great place to find information. I have a question that I am hoping someone with more knowledge in the field could help me with.

I am converting over from big screen plasma to a projector and I am needing assistance on what type of screen to get. Here are my details:

Room Size: 13 x 15

Projector - Optoma HD65 (Upper wall mounted upside down- lens center at 12.5' throw)

Ambient Light - Moderate- Does have windows- using 99% light blocking drapes

Dedicated Theater: No- this is in a living room

Seating Distance - Multiple seats - All within 30 degrees - average of 10'

Type of screen desired: Pulldown (Manual or electric) - Will pull down over a mounted TV that will be used for normal TV viewing.

Screen Size: 106" Diag 16:9

Price Range for Screen: I desire to spend ~$300 or less (I am trying to build on a fairly tight budget)

Hopefully, this will provide the information that you need. What I would like to know is if this was your situation; which screen would you get? What fabric? Color? Should I go grey due to the moderate amount of ambient light in my living room during the day? Would I want low gain or high? I am all new to this projector stuff. I am very excited to have it done, but I want to make a smart purchase decision and need you guys for that.

I would appreciate any and all Input I could get from you guys. Thanks.

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106" screen you can just go with any matte white screen(1 gain).

If you want higher gain for more punch and or want to learn about screens read reviews below

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Thank you very much for the quick response, Tryg. I located a screen based on your suggestion and running through the links in your sig.

How is the quality of this screen:?


Model B- 78670

Specifications Viewing Area: 52" x 92"

Diagonal: 106"

Screen Material Matte White

Gain: 1.0

Screen Format HDTV(16:9)

The price on it is only around a 120 bucks. Am I right to be concerned that it could be of poor engineering to be that low of a price? Would this screen be ok for a living room HT? Should I be concerned about wrinkles, hotspots, etc with it?

Thanks again.
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