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Required top clearance for a receiver?

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I have an H/K AVR-525 and a nice used TV stand from Craigslist. Little did I know that the shelves aren't adjustable. :\\

Bottom line is there is only 1" clearance from the top of the receiver to the shelf above. Should I throw this stand back on Craigslist and look for something better?
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I know some of the purists will disagree, but I would use it. Air is extremely fluid. I have had a similar situation for over twenty years. I have an Adcom amp in one installation and a receiver in another. Both only have about one inch of clearance at the top. I have never had any thermal issues. In my opinion, the three inch clearance rule is just the manufacturers covering their butts. Just make sure the air is able to flow around the unit and you should be fine.
Check the temp occasionally. If it seems too hot, move it somewhere else for a while and re-check the temp. If there is a noticeable difference then consider better ventilation.
Any chance you can put a fan behind it? Even a low speed one should do. My somewhat limited experience with H/K is that they tend to run quite hot...
yah a pc fan even ran at 7.5 volts would be more then sufficient. im using one for both my cable box and receiver set at that speed but i have about 2 1/2 inch clearence the receiver stays around 100 Fahrenheit at most. used to get hotter when i didnt have a fan
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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