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Rescue Audio - Part 2 - Once you’ve found something worth taking home

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Rescue Audio - Part 2 - Once you’ve found something worth taking home
Author - Mark Cerasuolo
In this one Mark talks about in store testing and how to avoid arriving home with a rock instead of a gem.

With thrift-store audio components, testing is not only possible but necessary. Anything marked “as-is” or “minimally tested” (that means they turned it ON) often can’t be returned, and a lot of stuff gets dropped off because it no longer works. Check the store’s policy. Some take returns if you leave the label on the unit, so check it out thoroughly before removing it.

But keep in mind that “no longer works” can be subjective, and may be a simple case of operator error. Many users today simply have no idea what happens when you hit a “tape monitor,” “FM mute,” or “speaker” selector on a receiver or that they even have fuses, so a lot of “defective” gear really isn’t—you just have to check everything to make sure.

Read the complete article at HomeToys.com
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Again, thanks for the tips on things to look for. I have never thought to check things out in the store, but where I have gone they accept returns on items they claimed to be working, so I haven't been too worried. It could save avoidable hassle though. I found a Sony STR-6800 and I use that EXT ADPT to connect an ADC equalizer (with seperate volume controls) to the set up. This is very helpful in getting the desired low level listening volume, since the Sony volume increments jump up by way too much in my opinion. I look forward to the next article and in the meantime will give your methods a try, I really like the headphones idea. Thanks
Thanks Hank, my 5800 does the same thing. I have a spare MXR eq and will give that a try, great tip.

I have to tell you about a "Red Tag" special at a local thrift chain here in Seattle I found just yesterday: a pair of B&O Beovox S-40 speakers with enclosures and drivers in great shape (grille cloth could stand replacing) for $99.00. Way to high for a find, but yesterday they had items with Red Tags at 50% off. I didn't want to spring for them but messaged a friend who was rushing over to grab them.
From what I've read those are beautiful sounding speakers. It's always nice to share the wealth with friends that can appreciate quality, everybody ends up feeling good in their different ways. Keep up the great work!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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